About Me

I am an artist based in Sandbach, Cheshire, and my work primarily involves taking old, unloved pieces of furniture, paintings or whatever else piques my interest, then transforming it using bright colours and typography into bold, one off statement pieces of art.


I have a firm belief that there’s enough stuff out there already, and we should try and save, restore and reuse as much as we possibly can to reduce our carbon footprint.  This also means that we get to have things that are completely unique to us, making our homes a true reflection of our personality.


My work is heavily influenced by traditional signwriting, street art and graphic design, and almost always comes with it’s tongue firmly in cheek. Having struggled with mental health issues over the years, I try and keep my work as positive and uplifting as possible.  The number one question I always ask is “will it make people smile?”.


Since I started making art in 2019 my work has sold to collectors all over the world, including China, the USA, Australia and Europe. I have work in several galleries across the UK, and have had pieces featured in the opening “Together” show and a joint show “Colourways” with Nerone at Oakland Gallery in New Brighton.  I have also created several pieces for the BBC One TV show Money For Nothing.